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State and National Standards

How WINGS Curriculum Aligns

with State & National Standards

1. Children are active and engaged. 

2. Goals are clear and shared by all.
3. Curriculum is evidence-based.

4. Valued content is learned through investigation and focused, intentional teaching.

5. Curriculum builds on prior learning and experiences.

6. Curriculum is comprehensive.

7. Professional standards validate the curriculum’s subject-matter content.

8. The curriculum is likely to benefit children.

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1. Ethical principles guide assessment practices.

2. Assessment instruments are used for their intended purposes.

3. Assessments are appropriate for ages and other characteristics of children being assessed.

4. Assessment instruments are in compliance with professional criteria for quality.

5. What is assessed is developmentally and educationally significant.

6. Assessment evidence is used to understand and improve learning.

7. Assessment evidence is gathered from realistic settings and situations that reflect children’s actual performance.

8. Assessments use multiple sources of evidence gathered over time.

9. Screening is always linked to follow-up

10. Use of individually administered, norm-referenced tests is limited.

11. Staff and families are knowledgeable about assessment


  • Alignment with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework is available via MyWINGS Online.

State Alignments

Alignments with state standards for infants, toddlers and preschoolers/pre-k are available on MyWINGS Online. Contact us to ask about your state!

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