Spread My WINGS

The WINGS Curriculum Online Resource Center

The Spread MyWINGS Online Resource Center features Monthly Lesson Plan Ideas, Parent Buzz newsletters, parent orientation packet, charts, posters, e-documents,and fillable forms. Teachers enjoy the luxury of copying, printing, or typing in the WINGS forms for planning, assessment, evaluation, record-keeping, and parent engagement plus accessing links to resources and activities for classroom planning.

Access to Spread MyWINGS is based on the product(s) purchased. Customers who purchase the WINGS Curriculum Complete Set enjoy full access to all WINGS e-forms plus 12 months of lesson plans for the selected age group(s), and Parent Buzz newsletters.

Supplemental Customers using a Different Curriculum

WINGS Curriculum is not stingy or turfy! We offer our monthly lesson plan and Parent Buzz newsletters to programs using other curricula as their primary curriculum. Many early learning programs, especially those who are corporately mandated to use a particular curriculum, enjoy using our WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement to complete their lesson plan forms and ensure implementation of developmentally appropriate practices. We don’t mind at all! Upon purchase of the WINGS Curriculum Lesson Plan Supplement, access is granted to our monthly lesson plans and parent newsletters on Spread MyWINGS.